Los Cenzontles ("The Mockingbirds") is a California band, heavily influenced by Mexican regional folk music such as mariachi, banda, son jarocho, son abajeno, pirekuas, rancheras, norteño, corridos, cumbia, boleros, country music, and rock and roll. The band's core members were trained at Los Cenzontles Mexican Arts Center (LCMAC) in San Pablo, California, where they also work training young people and promoting tradition and cultural pride.


        In 1995, the group released its first album, Con su permiso, señores. The group has released 18 albums in 18 years and has collaborated with many popular musicians. With support from the James Irvine Foundation, Los Cenzontles began developing a 3 part documentary series in 2003.

        Today, Los Cenzontles stays close to its activist roots. The Arts Center currently has over 150 students weekly and the band members continue to do educational outreach.