Originally from Ciudad Juárez, Mexico, Diana Gameros is a singer, songwriter, and music instructor. In 2013, Diana released her first album entitled Eterno retorno, a soulful retrospective of her journey as an immigrant. In October of the following year she received the Emerging Leader Award from the Chicana/Latina Foundation for her work in music and social justice activism.

        Gameros creates authentic, inspiring music that reflects the 21st century experiences of a young indie artist at the borderlands between cultures, languages, and genres.

        Gameros was born to a musical family where she was surrounded by traditional Mexican songs of love and revolution. During those formative years, she soaked up the sounds of classical music, underground rock, the avant-garde, world music, and jazz, forever influencing her own deeply diverse style.

        In 2014, Gameros participated in the event "MEX I AM: live it to believe."