July 17th - July 24th 2016

MEX I AM festival will run its third edition this summer, July 17th - 24th. It showcases a program with music, film, food, visual arts, digital art, dance, literature and talks of some of the most influential Mexicans in their field of expertise from around the world. In just two editions, the festival has brought together more than 130 artists and speakers, 20 thousand people and has worked with more than 30 local institutions.

        MEX I AM Live it tobelieve it! is already a major event in the San Francisco Bay Area with an impact insocial media of more than 16 million views. The response of both the audience and the media, highlights the need for a festival of this kind that generates a genuine pride in the Latin-American community and brings to the Bay Area first-rate events.

TALENT          Multimedia